Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Updates after my first two days back at work

My first day at work on 11 Feb2008:

Thank God that my first day at work went well today! The nature of the job is interesting and not too stressful. But it does require a lot of thinking and analysing. Thank God my colleagues are all very kind and helpful, and as we work in a team, I am able to discuss with my colleagues on any difficulties I encountered. The working environment is very pleasant and the location is away from the noisy and busy town.

Thank God for His mercies and faithfulness. Thanks for friends who prayed with and for me. Feeling rather tired today probably because my first day at work after such a long break. Hope to get a good night rest and praying for strength and wisdom for days ahead


My second day at work on 12 Feb2008:

Thank God that my second day at work was much better. I was less tired but I do still find myself rather slow in processing information. My work requires reading and analysing some data. Praying for much wisdom, grace and strength from God.

I was able to lunch with my colleagues today and get to know a little better. They are very young and cheerful people. It's nice to be around them as it makes me feel younger :-)

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