Friday, February 22, 2008

My therapeutic Hobbies

Thank God that most people with bipolar are rather creative. So I enjoy writing as I can express my thoughts, feelings and emotions freely through writing.

I also enjoy photography as it allows me to capture the beauties in God's creations and precious moments I spend with loved ones or I see in others. I love to share with others the photos I have taken so that they too can appreciate the beauties of God's creations. You can see more of the photos I have taken on my "Around Singapore" blog.

I do enjoy making bookmarks, cards and calendars too. Sometimes I also do cross-stitch. Usually I made these as gifts for my friends. I like to personalized these gifts for my friends and put my favourite verses or phrases on them. You can see more of my handiworks on my "Homemade Crafts and Gifts" blog.

My brother took some photos of very lovely flowers in New Zealand and I used them to make bookmarks. Recently, I visited the Sentosa Flower exhibition at Sentosa Island in Singapore. I took some lovely pictures of flowers. I also love to take pictures of the beach. Yesterday, I tried using some of these photos to make some bookmarks:

My brother took the pink rose in New Zealand and I took the yellow flowers during a briskwalk session around the neighbourhood of my home.

These flowers are taken at Sentosa Flower exhibition at Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Both these pictures are taken at East Coast Beach, Singapore.

The blue one is taken on a sunny day while the green one is taken on a cloudy and windy day.

Hmm... strange that the beach looks so different on different days. Kind of like us with bipolar - extremely different moods on different days :-)

Hi, if you are interested to make some of these bookmarks for yourself or your friends, you can download some Free Bookmark Templates from my "Homemade Crafts and Gifts" blog and I shared some free tips there as well on how to make them :-)

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