Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I will never leave you nor forsake you

In my previous sharing, I had to resign from my temp job as I was too ill and exhausted to continue on.

When I called my superior, Jack to inform him, Jack asked me to wait for him in the meeting room. He came over shortly and sat down on a chair opposite me. He looked very concerned. He started to express his concerns. He apologized for his inability to spend much time to explain about the work to me. He asked whether I was leaving because he has neglected me. I assured him that I was leaving because of my poor health and not for any other reason.

I had to reveal to Jack that I was recovering from a relapse of clinical depression. I didn’t know what to expect on how Jack will react. But to my surprise, he took it very well. He said he has 2 friends who suffered from clinical depression. One of them recovered after leaving his job and found something less stressful while another left for overseas for a change of environment. The second friend also found peace after she trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour.

Jack told me that he himself had gone through very low period in his life. But he was providentially led to seek and know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour, and he found peace in trusting in Him. Jack asked whether I have consider becoming a Christian. I told Jack that I am a Christian and that the Lord has been sustaining me in this difficult trial. Jack listened most sympathetically. He concluded that it was a wise decision for me to leave at that point of time as the workload will begin to build up soon and I will not be able to cope based on my poor mental health.

Jack was very kind and understanding. He encouraged me to look to the Lord. He said the Lord is dealing with each one of us in every situation we are going through. He shared with me of how the Lord was dealing with him too. He had been working very long hours daily and hardly has time to spend with his wife and young infant son. He also stopped regular exercise. He could feel his body getting weaker but he didn’t do anything about it. He continued to work long hours. But for some weeks now, he has been nursing a persistent cough. And just the day before, he went to the Doctor and was told he has bronchitis. He knew that God is sending him a warning sign. He needs to slow down and re-prioritize his time and commitment. He hopes to spend more time with his wife and son, and also to take better care of his health. He knows that work is just a part of his life and not all of it. He also desires a closer walk with God and more time to spend in prayers and reading of God’s Words.

Jack encouraged me that God cares for us and work is only a portion of our life. He believes God will provide something suitable for me in His time. He encouraged me to do some volunteer work and wait upon God. He shared of how he did some volunteer work in China when he was working there for a year and he had opportunity to reach out to the people with the Gospel. It was a very spiritually refreshing experience for him.

He asked me to take care and promised to ask one of his friends who is in non-profit organizations to check out on suitable vacancies for me.

That was the first and only time Jack sat down to chit-chat with me as he was extremely busy with work. I am grateful to get to know him a little better through that short time. I thank God and thank Jack for his all kindness to me. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jack and his teams, and I thank all of them for their kindness to me when I was working there. I thank God especially for Jack’s friendship, and to know that he too know something of God’s saving grace and care is very heartening.

I am thankful to God that my short stint with this temp job ended well despite my inability to continue on. Surely the Lord never leaves us nor forsake us. He provide encouragement at every stage.

(On 5th of January 2008, I received a sms from Jack. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him and encouraged that he still remembers me despite our short acquaintance. I saved his sms message because it is precious to me - a reminder to me of God’s mercies and faithfulness in my very difficult time. His short, simple and kind message reads “Hi Nancie. Happy New Year to u! How have u been?”)

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