Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A good ending

I am thankful to God for helping me through my first part-time job assignment. My job assignment with this project ended today, much earlier than the expected deadline of this Friday. My superiors are very happy that we have completed our tasks ahead of time.

I thank God that my superiors are satisfied with my work performance and they have indicated that they will inform me if there are other suitable part-time assignments available. I have been very concerned that I may have made many mistakes in my coding and that it will affect the accuracy of the data and inconvenienced my colleagues. I am thankful to God that J assured me that when they checked through some of my codings, so far they have not found any mistake. In fact, they felt that I am very careful in my codings. Thank God for giving me the grace and wisdom to cope!

I am really heartened as I see God's goodness and mercies to me in this part-time assignment. He has answered my prayers in many wonderful ways, assuring me that He cares even for the small details. Truly, He promised even the very hairs of our head are numbered and we are of more value than many sparrows!

I thank God for His goodness in answering my prayers in the following wonderful ways:

I have prayed for a part-time job after Chinese New Year ie. 11 Feb in which I need only to work about 6 hours. The Lord, in His mercies, provided this part-time job through my friend, Grace, which allows me to work for 6 hours daily and to start on 11 Feb.

I have prayed for strength, grace and wisdom daily to cope with my work. I have been feeling very tired daily ever since I started work, possibly because I am still adjusting to returning to working life after having rested for some 4 months. Possibly also because I am out of the house for 10 hours daily from Monday to Friday while I was mostly at home in the last 4 months. I am thankful to Anne who reminded me that I am to do my best for God daily. This morning, I did pray and tell the Lord that I am very tired, and I asked for His grace and strength to do my best and not be slackened in my work due to my tiredness. I prayed for the Lord's strength to continue to cope or if He wills, He will enable the project to end earlier either by today or tomorrow. I thank God for His faithfulness. I am thankful when my immediate superior, J, told my colleagues and I that we are much ahead of our expected deadline and that we can end earlier. I thank God, as a result of that, today is my last day at work. Thank God that He does not allow us to be tested above that we can bear!

I have prayed for grace to relate well with my colleagues. When I first met my colleagues, I did wonder how it will be like as I am obviously much older than them and they are all more highly educated. They are all either University graduates or University students. Thank God that they turned out to be very nice, friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed the time I spent at work with them and during lunch breaks too as we had lunch together almost every day. Today, I was encouraged, when J told me that she is going to miss me now that my assignment has ended. When I was going home, she walked with me to the bus-stop and I thought she was going somewhere too. But she said no, she is going back to the office to continue with her work but she wanted to talk to me, and so she has walked with me to the bus-stop. I am thankful to God that she appreciates my work and friendship. I hope to keep in touch with her and possibly to drop by and visit her and the other colleagues when there is opportunity.

I am thankful to God for many friends' prayers and encouragements when they know I have started working recently. In particular, I thank God for Pastor JJ, my elders, deacons and church friends for their continuing prayers and encouragements. Thank God also for Grace, Anne and others for their concerns, reminders and suggestions on how best to cope with my work in view of my health condition. Thank God for my mother's preparing my breakfast every morning and ensuring that I have a good breakfast :-)

I am thankful to God for a good ending to a good first part-time assignment. I will continue to pray, to look and to wait upon God for His provisions of other suitable assignments/work.

Thanks for visiting my blog to know my progress, and for your prayers and encouragements (if any). Take care.

To God be the glory!

"I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart: I will shew forth all thy marvellous works" Psalm 9:1

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