Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let each day be your masterpiece

Before I became a Christian, this phrase "Let each day be your masterpiece" has been one of my favourite quotes.

I like the way life is seen as a piece of work or art in which each day is our masterpiece. We strive to do our best for our family, the people around us, the society and for ourselves.

I like to give of my best to each day of my life. I love life with all its mysteries and beauties. I strive to do my best in whatever I do. Not sure whether it is because I am some kind of a perfectionist, or this is a part of my character trait.

After I became a Christian, this phrase takes on a new meaning as I strive to live in God's strength for His glory and the benefit of His people.

I hope to live each day to the best of my ability and present it as a masterpiece to God Who creates me, gives me life and gives me the grace and strength to live for Him.

I seek our Lord Jesus Christ daily to know Him and how best I can serve Him. I try to do my best daily in whatever I am called to do. I do all things joyfully as unto the Lord. In my difficulties and struggles, I cast myself upon our Lord and look to Him for grace to cope.

I try to love God and the people around me to the best ability I can. I know I failed many times but with God's grace, I will keep trying. I am learning to cherish the people around me and reflect God's love in my relationship with them. I pray that others may see God's love and grace in my life, my works, my relationship with them, etc. And they will know a little that God is my Creator and I am one of His masterpieces :-)

I thank God for the pleasant experience in my part-time job assignment recently. On the last day of my work on Tuesday, I made some of these bookmarks for my colleagues with this phrase.

JQ likes them very much. She has never seen this phrase before but she said she is beginning to like it very much.

JQ emailed me 2 days ago. She said one of my bookmarks is already sleeping in one of her books. And she is masterpiecing her days :-)

Glad that this phrase is having an impact in her young life :-)

I thank God that He is my help and strength daily. Though I have many struggles with severe depressive episodes in the past and even now I am still learning to manage this bipolar disorder (manic - depressive illness), I know God is with me daily. He is my help and strength.

Hi, if you are interested to make some of these bookmarks for yourself or your friends, you can download some Free Bookmark Templates from my "Homemade Crafts and Gifts" blog and I shared some free tips there as well on how to make them :-)

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