Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jehovah Jireh - God has provided again! (1st February 2008)

Thank God for His mercies and faithfulness! I am thrilled that God has provided another opening for me with regards to job.

I have not been working since Oct 2007 due to the relapse in July 2007 which worsened when I went through some stress and strain in Aug and Sep 2007. Thank God for providing for all my needs over the last few months through the kind love gifts of some friends and church brethren who gave very generously and anonymous as unto our Lord. I am deeply indebted to our Lord and to these kind friends and church brethren for their kindness.

I was particularly moved when an old friend in Canada, Esther Chew together with her sister, Grace (whom I have never met), gave me love gifts from Canada and recently when Esther visited Singapore. I met Esther more than 10 years ago when we were both studying at Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC). After my graduation in May 1998, I lost touched with Esther. By God's merciful providence, Esther found my home telephone number in her things last year and got her niece, Sharon, who is in Singapore to call me. Ever since then, Esther has been keeping in touch with me through email. Thank God for her friendship, encouragements and kindness.

I have been praying that God willing, He will provide a half-day or part-time job for me after Chinese New Year ie after 10 Feb 2008. Or some freelance assignments for me. Thank God for His mercies in providing an opening. One of my church friends, sis Grace Yong, kindly informed me of a part-time job offer at her work place for the month of Feb 2008. I have applied for the position. They have called to inform me that they will be able to employ me from 11 Feb to 22 Feb for 6 hours daily. Thank God for answering my prayers and providing once again for my needs! Praise Him.

I am praying that God willing, He will provide other part-time or freelance assignments for me after that. Some difficulties I have encountered ever since I tried looking for a new job in Sep 2007 are:

1) Mental illness is still a stigma in Singapore. Whenever I fill up application forms to apply for a job, it is mandatory for me to declare my health condition in the application forms. I noted that when I state that I am on medication for asthma, depression or bipolar, I never hear from them again.

2) Some employers seemed to prefer younger and more energetic women, and some even stated clearly they want someone good-looking and outgoing. I am going to be 42 this Oct. I am certainly not young, energetic or good looking :-( Hopefully some employers will value my work experiences as I do have more than 10 years of working experiences in administration work.

3) My mother and I have to go for various medical appointments. My mother's health fluctuates. She has hypertension and diabetes for more than 20 years. She is on a lot of medications (7 types) daily. Sometimes she is better, sometimes she is worse. So I do need the flexibility to take time-off to bring her for her various medical appointments and in time of emergency. I am also still seeing my Doctor regularly and need to be able to take time-off for that as well. Most jobs don't offer that kind of flexibility. Thank God that my previous employer Shu, and my ex-colleagues Louise and Shirley, were very very gracious and understandings and they have accomodated all my needs to take time-off for my mother and my own medical needs. Thank God for them! It's not easy to find such employers and colleagues, but God is Jehovah Jireh - He will provide.

I hope after this assignment in Feb, the L0rd will provide other part-time or freelance assignments for me. I have started a simple blog to advertise my freelance administrative services:

I may try to approach some publishing company to see if they need freelance typist as my strength lies in my typing. I love to type and I am a pretty fast typist. Will pray and continue to wait upon God, trusting that He will continue to provide for my every needs.

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