Monday, February 25, 2008

We do not remember days, we remember moments

This is one of my favourite quotes on friendship. I think it does not only apply to the relationship between a man and a woman or a husband and a wife.

I thank God for the many friends He has provided throughout my life.

I am thinking of my good friend, Anushea, since I was in primary school. She has been a very dear friend for many years, loving and accepting me all the time.

I am thinking of my friend, Siew Lee, who was my Manager in a Trustee company. She gave of her substance very sacrificially to support me and my family through my 4 years of Bible College training. Her friendship and kindness has been a tremendous blessing in my life.

I am thinking of my Pastors and my friends in my previous Church and in my current church. Many of them are praying for me, writing to me, talk to me on the Lord's day when I go to church, go to beach with me or other outings. Some gave love gifts anonymously, while others gave omega-3 fish oil and most recently, a dear sister-in-Christ is starting to pay for my renewal of membership with an all ladies gym so that I can resume regular exercise as it is helpful in my management of manic depressive illness or bipolar disorder.

I am thinking of my church friends, sis Grace Yong, bro Arthur and bro Hwee Kwan, who kindly remind me when they think I over-straining myself during a manic episode. I am thankful for Aunty Ruth who prays for me daily whenever I have a relapse of severe depression and who takes me to the beach whenever I am better as she knows I love to go to the beach.

I am thinking of Theresa and Wee Chin whose fellowship and kindness has been a tremendous encouragement to me. I am also thinking of Esther Chew in Canada who writes very encouraging email to encourage me and to share of God's goodness to her in her missionary works and labour for our Lord.

I am thinking of Ming Shu, Louise and Shirley whom I worked with for 4 years. For their friendships, kindness and forebearance. I am also thinking of the kind friendships of Tong and Sue who own a stationery shop near my old office. They are praying for me and encouraging me on various alternative ways to get well. They are also helping to sell some of my bookmarks at their stationery shop :-) so that I can share my passion for photography and handiworks with others. Thank God for them.

I am thinking of George and Siew Geok in Brunei, who send very encouraging emails with very lovely attachments of pictures and powerpoint slides. Thank God for their faithfulness in sending these lovely mails to me.

I am thinking also of bro Johnson See and Pastor Chris Coleborn who is a minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia, who shares my passion to help children with special needs. My meeting with Pastor Christ Coleborn together with my good friend, Dr Chin Ming Shu, to pray and deliberate on the possibility of starting a support group for Christian parents of children with special needs, left a very deep impression in my heart even upto now. Though we did not managed to start a support group together here in Singapore, the workshop Pastor Chris Coleborn conducted while he was in Singapore was most encouraging and helpful to many parents of children with special needs, and for me and others who come into contact with these children and their parents. These children will always have a special place in my heart.

I am thinking of my newfound friends through blogging ie. Marja, Michelle, Anne, Merelyme, Dreamwriter, Susan, Amanda and Desiree. Thank God for these friends through whom I am able to learn and share with. I am also starting to get to know Jim who is a Christian and he writes very well. Thank God that through them I am also able to enjoy the benefit of an online support group! This is something I have never thought of :-)

I am thinking of my 3 newfound penpals who emailed me after they read my posts on this blog ie. Juliet, Jackie and Michelle. How encouraging to read their mails and to know of their willingness to write and share with me on a more personal basis. Thank God for them.

Thank God for all the friends He has given to me. I may not remember the days and exact time I spent with them, but I remember some of the special moments we shared.

So this quote "We do not remember days, we remember moments" are for all of you who are my dear friends. Thank God for all of you!

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