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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Praising God for guiding us through another year

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD's name is to be praised. Psalm 113:3"

Dear Friends,

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for all your prayers and encouragements.

Thank and praise God for seeing us through another year. Soon 2008 will come to an end and we will enter into year 2009.

This morning, during the morning worship in my church, we were reminded to be thankful to God for His mercies and faithfulness daily.

I am thankful to God for all His goodness to me throughout the year. I am experiencing His love and mercies in many wonderful ways.

Though the world is going through a financial crisis and there are unrest at various places, thank God that He is our refuge and strength. Thank God that He gives us peace that passeth all understanding in Christ Jesus our Lord and He is able to provide for all our needs.

May God continue to give us peace and joy in trusting in Him. May He continue to draw us nearer to Himself, make us useful in His kingdom and make us lights that shine for Him.

Last evening, I was reading Spurgeon's Evening 27 December, and greatly encouraged by this precious reminder that our Lord will guide us continually. May you find comfort and encouragement in this article too.

“And the Lord shall guide thee continually.”
Isaiah 58:11

“The Lord shall guide thee.” Not an angel, but Jehovah shall guide thee. He said he would not go through the wilderness before his people, an angel should go before them to lead them in the way; but Moses said, “If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence.”

Christian, God has not left you in your earthly pilgrimage to an angel’s guidance: he himself leads the van. You may not see the cloudy, fiery pillar, but Jehovah will never forsake you.

Notice the word shall—“The Lord shall guide thee.” How certain this makes it! How sure it is that God will not forsake us! His precious “shalls” and “wills” are better than men’s oaths. “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Then observe the adverb continually. We are not merely to be guided sometimes, but we are to have a perpetual monitor; not occasionally to be left to our own understanding, and so to wander, but we are continually to hear the guiding voice of the Great Shepherd; and if we follow close at his heels, we shall not err, but be led by a right way to a city to dwell in.

If you have to change your position in life; if you have to emigrate to distant shores; if it should happen that you are cast into poverty, or uplifted suddenly into a more responsible position than the one you now occupy; if you are thrown among strangers, or cast among foes, yet tremble not, for “the Lord shall guide thee continually.”

There are no dilemmas out of which you shall not be delivered if you live near to God, and your heart be kept warm with holy love.

He goes not amiss who goes in the company of God. Like Enoch, walk with God, and you cannot mistake your road.

You have infallible wisdom to direct you, immutable love to comfort you, and eternal power to defend you. “Jehovah”—mark the word—“Jehovah shall guide thee continually.”

(Taken from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Evening 27 December.)

Thanks again for stopping by. May God grant you a very blessed New Year!

Take care.

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