Thursday, November 3, 2022

Detox and Rejuvenate Program (Part 1)

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Thank God for His mercies and grace.

As I shared in my previous post, for the last 2 year, my health has not been good nor stable. My Doctor is in the midst of finding the right combinations of new medicines and the optimal dosages for my bipolar to stabilise. Aging, menopause and other changes in my body, brain, etc have caused some instability which require changes to my management of my health so that I can be more functional.

I have 8 chronic illnesses which are mostly hereditary. 
1. Bipolar Disorder 
2. Sleep Apnea
3. Asthma
4. High Blood Pressure 
5. High Cholesterol 
6. Borderline Diabetes 
7. Osteoarthritis of my knees and fingers
8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I am on long term medication for some of these medical conditions plus using various means to control them. I have been praying for much grace to cope because my health has not been good and stable for 2 years now. Thank God for linking me up with sister Deborah Wang on Facebook and she is concerned when she knows about my conditions. 

Deborah is a Nutritionist cum Health Consultant. She is teaching me a Detox and Rejuvenate Program as she believes there are a lot of toxin in my body due to prolonged medication and my meals. These toxins are affecting my body and brain in various negative ways. 

Sis Deborah has advised me to use the products from NewLife International for best results. Now I am starting slowly to detox and change my diet, as our Lord enables me, using the items I have at home first. Once my own items finished, I will buy the products from NewLife for the best results. See my next upcoming post for more details about sis Deborah, the Program and the products from NewLife.

Thanks again, Deborah, for your kind help and also for linking me up with Lydia. God bless yours and Lydia's kindness in helping me. I am looking to our Lord and waiting upon Him as I seek to make use of the resources He has provided.

Started the partial Detox and Rejuvenate Program today, Day 1, 2 November 2022, using my own resources first and my preference for healthy meals and healthy snacks:
1. Take Probiotics on empty stomach upon waking up.
2. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar with Raw Honey after that.
3. For Breakfast, I am eating Oat with Honey and Nuts or soft/hard boiled eggs.
4. For snacks, I am eating Fruits, Nuts and Seeds or Yoghurt with Honey and Nuts.

Deborah is a Nutritionist, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She organises Wellness Parties, Health Retreats (Local & Overseas), Health & Wellness Talks & Workshops, Detox & Rejuvenate Challenge, Juice Cleanse Challenge, Fit & Fabulous Challenge, Weight Loss Made Easy Challenge. 

Deborah's goals are to impart Holistic Health Knowledge and share Practical Health & Fitness Tips. She said everyone should Detox Once in Awhile, Nourish our body All the Time & Exercise Regularly.

Deborah has her own company "Wellness Inc". To find out more about her services, see:


Thank God for grace and strength daily as I wait upon Him for restoration. 

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope some posts or resources I shared on this blog will glorify God and benefit you and others in need

By God's grace
2 & 3 November 2022

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