Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Awards

Thanks to God and my blogging friends for all these lovely awards!

Thank you, Michele! (17 Jan 2009)

Thank you, Michele! (17 Jan 2009)

The Premio Dardos award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.

Thank you, Michele!

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award
Thanks, Serendipity (LS and Happy)!

Nisha's Friendship Award
Thanks Lorie!

If you ever need a hand, I'm here Award
Thanks Willow, Lorie and Sunny

Faithful Servant Award Sowing Seeds of Love!
Thanks Jill and Willow!

You lift my spirit Award
Thanks serendipity (LS & Happy)!

Gratitude with Attitude Award
Thanks Jim!

Kind Blogger Award
Thanks Melanie and Serendipity!

Friendship Award
Thanks Serendipity and Peggy!

Sharing The Love Award
Thanks Peggy!

The “Arte y Pico” Award
Thanks SharonB, Edie and Serendipity!

Flower Award
Thanks Colored Heart!

Brillante Weblog Premio 2008
Thanks Peggy and Jena!

BFF Gold Card
Thank you Serendipity!

I am an Awesome Blogger Friend Award
Thanks Dennis, Michele W. and Peggy!

Autumn Friends Award
Thanks Serendipity, Michele W. , Peggy and Carrie!

Inspiration Award
Thanks Dennis, Michele W., Peggy and Serendipity

Blogging makes us 'close' Award (Portugese)
Thanks Michele W. , Peggy and Kathy!

Top Pick Blog Award
Thanks Janera!

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